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Dear Patricia, sorry for writing in english. I saw that you are running a bot once in a while here in the MA/nl. Is that based upon the pywikibot framework? I'm asking because I have problems running the and if you are familiar with that and you're using it I'd like to ask your help about that. Greetings --Plasmarelais 27 mei 2014 19:51 (UTC)

Hello, to be quite honest with you I had no idea what framework I've been using. I've had to look at the details and I'm using a standard AutoWikiBrowser (version I only use it to change redirects and add texts. I tried to wrap my mind around your interwiki problem, but that seems to be a little bit too much technical stuff. To cut a long story short...I don't think I can be of much help. Good luck though. Greetings, --Patricia (overleg) 27 mei 2014 20:12 (UTC)
Hi, sorry for popping in here while I don't really belong to this wiki, but I do know a user from another wiki (Forerunner from Resident Evil Wiki) of whom I am sure he uses I have pywikipediabot too, but I haven't used that particular script yet, so I suggest you ask Forerunner :P
YATTA ヽ( ° ヮ° )ノ @Wikia ☆ | 2014年05月27日、10:02:47 

@Patricia: thanks a lot for your fast answer. I'll keep going on that, so that one day we'll come back to set interwiki links automatically across the whole MA family.
@YATTA: Thanks for popping in ;) I'll get in contact with Forerunner, hoping to find some help in him.
Thank you both, best regards --Plasmarelais 27 mei 2014 23:45 (UTC)

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